Thursday, November 16, 2006

Music Lessons this week

For this week's double bass lesson, my tutor demonstrated for me and guided me to play the sections from Dragonetti's Solo in e minor that require the use of harmonics. I gained a slightly better appreciation and knowledge of the use of harmonics. He reminded me to bow the bow nearer the bridge when I play harmonics. This makes a lot of difference to the sound quality.

Much of the rest of the session was spent on Keyper's Romance and Rondo. Playing the notes is easy, playing the music is a greater challenge. Anyway, I sensed there was some slight improvements in my playing. I wish I could have more time to practice so that I can work on Romance and Rondo with greater depth. More time to practice would also mean that I could work on playing the entire Dragonetti's Solo in e minor.

Double bass lesson was interesting and I found myself humming Keyper's Romance and Rondo after the lesson.

In the evening, it was music theory lessons. For a change, I requested my music theory tutor to guide me on how I could analyse Keyper's Romance and Rondo. He showed me how to work out the key, the chord progressions, the structure and the other characteristics of this work. It was insightful. The music theory lesson today has helped lend me some pointers on how I can work on writing the programme notes for my diploma exams. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I would be ready for it by August or September next year.

My music theory tutor suggested that I could study William Lovelock's Two-Part Writing and First Year Harmony so that I can better appreciate the harmony behind whatever work that I decide to play.

I like today's music theory lessons. It showed me how I can apply what I have learnt from music theory lessons onto my actual playing on the double bass.

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Simple American said...

I hope my daughter is getting the same enlightenment in her theory class.