Thursday, November 16, 2006

Thoughtful JY

After my double bass lesson today, I met up with JY.

JY has been very kind to travel all the way to a place that was nearby where I was having my double bass classes to pass me the pseudo-tiramisu that she has made! I could not help but take a photo of it as a momento. (Pardon me, I have taken a few spoons of it before taking the photo. I wanted to show the biscuit-layer.)

It tasted nice. I particularly like the layer containing the the zabaglione cream. I like the generous serving of cocoa powder on on the surface layer. Overall, the pseudo-tiramisu was rich and heavenly.

Instead of Savoiardi, JY had used what appears to be made up of the same ingredients as those found in the base of cheese-cake. I think it is a pleasant and refreshing idea to have such base.

To be awfully critical, perhaps the biscuits that made up the base of the pseudo-tiramisu felt a little too dry and coarse for my liking. Having a layer of Savoiardi in between the biscuit-base and upper layer of zabaglione cream may help the pseudo-tiramisu to be less dry at its base.

JY was also very thoughtful to include a spoon in the container containing the pseudo-tiramisu. I wasn't returning home after my double bass lesson so I would have to eat the pseudo-tiramisu some time after the double bass lesson. The spoon came in very handy.

Thank you JY for the delicious pseudo-tiramisu. I appreciate your kind and thoughtful gesture.


pinkie said...

nevermind the picture, I wanna eat! haha... so clever tat she knows how to make this... :)

mistipurple said...

she will make a good wife. and she will hit me later. lol

Simple American said...

I want some too. :D

oceanskies79 said...

Pinkie: Yes. I agree about you said about JY.

Misti: Ah, careful. *Winks*

SA: It was yummy. :)

goldilocks said...

Pinkie, that's the reason for adding you on MSN. wanted to ask if you would like one. =)

yes Mistipurple, i'm hitting you now. grr..

none for you SA. only the recipe if you want.

mistipurple said...

hahahaahaha. Goldilocks came over to hit me!!!! lololol!!
cannot say you didn't warned me! :P