Thursday, November 23, 2006

One bite gets multiplied

After my double bass lesson today, I went to see a doctor for the mosquito bites. the bites are making me feel itchy. The swelling has yet to subside and in fact, the swells are getting more red.

The doctor told me that my skin is sensitive, and many of the swells that look like mosquito bites are actually a reaction to a mosquito bite. As best as I understood it, it means that even though a mosquito had bitten me at one particular spot of my skin, this bite can trigger a reaction that would cause swelling at our part of the skin. Gosh, no wonder I cannot remember seeing so many mosquitoes around but yet I have so many mosquito bites.

Now, this is what I would call the multiplying effect.

As such, the doctor prescribed me the following:
Gentamicin 0.1% cream + Betamethasone 0.1% cream
Cefuroxime (antibotics)
Atarax (to relieve me of the itch)

I was told that the Atarax can make me feel very drowsy. I was to take it in the night time. Let's hope I can survive it.

Most likely, I would have scars from the bites since I have been scratching the swollen areas every so often. Anyway, I hope I'll heal soon from this itchy affair.

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pinkie said...

slap the itch instead of scratch... it helps... hope u get better soon...