Sunday, November 19, 2006

Heritage this week

This morning, I have attended the World War II Civic District Trail organised by the Singapore Philatelic Museum. It was a very enriching trail. Hopefully I can find the time to blog about my experience on this trail soon.

Meantime, this week on, there are several noteworthy posts to check up:

Remembering Beauty World.
The original post was written by Lam Chun See.
I recommend that JY could check this post out since some of the places mentioned on this post should not be unfamiliar to her.

Ford Factory's Fantastic Fiesta
I had missed this. The folks who had went for the Ford Factory Fiesta on 18 Nov 2006 just seem to have so much fun that I am now full of envy.
I recommend this post to anyone who likes to find out more about games that were played in the past.

Heritage Sneak Peek
The original post by eatzycath has some great photographs of Fuk Tak Chi Museum and Wak Hai Cheng Bio Temple. I love the way the photographs show some intricate designs of Chinese temples.
I recommend that Kunstemaecker could check out this post. He had made a short visit to Fuk Tak Chi Museum when he was in Singapore last December.


goldilocks said...

thanks, PY

Anonymous said...

I don't remember exactly. I visited the post but the picture doesn't recall any memory.

oceanskies79 said...

JY: Welcome

Kunstemaecker: Do you remember that there is this Chinese temple looking museum whereby one of the staff asked us (socialpest was around) if we would want tea. That is Fuk Tak Chi Museum