Friday, November 17, 2006

An evening at Toa Payoh

Before attending music theory classes yesterday, I checked out the exhibition: themed Building Our Singapore – The Public Service in Action at the HDB Hub Mall.

I did not check out all the booths. Anyway, I particularly like the following booths that I had visited yesterday:

- The Singapore Civil Defence Force booth

Personnel Decontamination Vehicle

One of the officers from the force patiently explained to me the functions and the design of a Personnel Decontamination Vehicle (PDV). It was interesting to hear about some of the equipment and procedures that were used by the Civil Defence Force in the event of a chemical attack.

- Civil Service College booth
Here, I took a short survey to find out my learning style. According to the scores, I am a visual learner. I scored 6 "A"s (preference to learn through visual means), 1 "B" (preference to learn through auditory means) and 5 "C"s (preference to learn through kinesthetic means).

-The National Environment Agency booth
At this booth, I learnt more about how recycling and waste management are important in creating a friendly environment to live in. I also learnt about the Semakau Landfill. The Semakau Landfill has been carefully designed and managed to ensure that it is clean and free of smell. There was a video recording that urges viewers to recycle and to reduce waste so as to prolong the lifespan of Semakau Landfill.

This exhibition runs till 19 Nov 2006. Here are the details:

Date: Wednesday to Sunday, 15 to 19 Nov 2006
Venue: HDB Hub Mall
Time: 10:30 am to 9:30 pm daily.

After visiting the exhibition, I had dinner at the Koh San Japanese Food located at Toa Payoh HDB Centre's Koufu food court. I had a set of sushi, a set of sashimi and a bowl of udon. All these at a price of $11.90 only. This is a place for value-for-money and reasonably delicious Japanese meals.

Interestingly, I sat down having dinner beside a lady who I later found out is a Nurse Coordinator from a voluntary welfare organisation. We did not know each other, but somehow, we started chatting about Japanese food and the nature of her work. I suppose I was feeling recharged after double bass lesson yesterday, or else, I would have preferred my private space and might have preferred to not to chat with anyone yesterday.

Before music theory lesson, I was talking with my friend, Mystic, over the phone. I am glad that she is back safe and sound from her trip to India.

Oh, by the way, another nice thing about music theory lesson yesterday was that my tutor, in his attempts to explain to me about the chord progressions in Keyper's Romance, played the entire piano accompaniment of this movement. That was my very first time hearing the piano accompaniment parts for this work. It was quite beautifully written, and my music theory tutor sight-read very well. For a moment then, I wished I could play the piano too.

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