Sunday, November 05, 2006

How to pace myself?

Yesterday had been a day where I was travelling from one place to another. Now my hips hurt a little. Yesterday, I had to visit the music school where I am taking music theory classes at. This is so as to submit my personal particulars and to make payments to register for the ABRSM Grade 6 Music Theory exams.

The registration for the Music Theory exams has yet to start, but I had to submit my details and the payments because I will be overseas from 9 - 13 Nov 06, and the dateline for students of the music school to submit their payments for the music theory exams registration is 15 Nov 06.

Talking about music exams, my double bass tutor is keen on the idea of preparing me to be assessed for DipABRSM (Diploma of The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) in August/ September next year. I don't know if I could work towards achieving a good pass by then without having to push myself too hard. I needed time to work on improving my sight-reading abilities, and I did not want to push myself too hard that I end up not enjoying the music itself.

I wonder if it might be better that I sit for DipABRSM Double Bass in Apr/May 2008? But it seemed too prolong a wait.

Then again, it may not be that long? I had started my first official music theory class in Dec 05 and will only be sitting for the music theory exams in Mar 07, but at least I feel ready for it. If I work consistently and diligently on studying for the music theory exams, I am quite confident that I can secure a good pass.

Sometimes, trying to find an appropriate pace can help. Too fast, one may panic. Too slow, it gets boring. If the pace is just right, one feels ready when it is time to put one's skills to test.

Whatever it is, if I were to register for DipABRSM Double Bass (Practical), I think I need to figure out how to write satisfactory programme notes for each of the works that I would be performing for DipABRSM. Anyone care to share a tip or two on writing programme notes?


mistipurple said...

i know, whichever you choose, you will make it work alright. :)

Simple American said...

Good luck with these efforts. I know it takes a lot of work.

oceanskies79 said...

Thanks. The support and the cheers help. :)