Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Finally, I had some time to practise on the double bass this evening. I didn't feel quite well the evening. Somehow, my stomach felt cranky. I hope I would feel better soon enough.

Despite not feeling well, it was a pleasure to be practising on the double bass. Knowing that my health wasn't at the best, I had to be mindful not to push myself too hard.

Most of the practice this evening focused on playing Keyper's Romance and Rondo. I don't quite understand why the harmonics are positioned where they are. I guess this is one question that I would have to ask my tutor soon. Right now, I am basically playing by ear whenever I come to the section where I need to play the harmonics.

I think I have some performance anxiety that I need to learn to manage. After Keyper's Romance and Rondo, I tried starting to play Dragonetti's Solo in e minor, but I found myself feeling put down after seeing the endless strings of running notes.

But I realised that during one of the recent lessons when I had heard my tutor play the Dragonetti's solo, I was able to be more confident to play those notes. I could simply work things out by playing by ear. The notes seemed difficult on the score, but they did not sound as difficult when I heard them. Maybe my anxieties were imagined ones?

But it looks like I am still quite behind my target when it comes to my practice on the double bass. I need to find more time to practise on the double bass. Some many other commitments seem to be competing with my dear double bass for my time! I need to make sure my actions and choices are in line with my priorities.

There seems to be so many choices to make in life. I wish my internal guide would serve me well.

Meantime, for the double bass lovers, there are a few interesting articles on Jason Heath's Bass Page to check out:

- Advice for aspiring music performance majors

- Chicago Philharmonic this Sunday - 11/12/06 (I love the fact that there's video recordings of Brahms' Symphony No. 2!)


Jason Heath said...

Thanks for checking out my music performance major post--I'm not sure how things work in Singapore, but they are pretty cutthroat here. I wonder if Blogger is only offering Beta accounts to certain countries at the moment. There was a big blue button on my dashboard one day out of the blue saying "switch to Blogger Beta!".

Jason Heath said...

Also, there was a button on the end of each post saying "switch your blog now!" If those options aren't there, maybe Blogger hasn't rolled it out in Singapore yet. I'm sure they will soon. You can also go to and poke around and see.

oceanskies79 said...

Hi Jason. Thanks for the advice on switching to Blogger Beta. I don't see such buttons as yet...

I am not very sure how things work for double bass performance major in Singapore as I am not one myself. I am now studying double bass, more as a hobby, under a private tutor.

Simple American said...

Don't worry PY. You'll get back in the swing of things on the double bass soon enough.

It's normal to get nervous. Practice provides confidence that will overcome nerves.

oceanskies79 said...

SA: Thanks