Wednesday, October 01, 2008

14 Sep 2008: the evening adventures

The privilege and honour to have the company of a good friend has made the evening a meaningful one. After driving across the beautiful Anzac Bridge, we continued a journey on the roads of Sydney.

We stopped by at the private studio of a local artist, and good luck enabled me to speak with this artist who does pretty good nudes and landscape paintings. It was interesting listening to his ideas and approaches towards painting. We saw a painting that he had done which my friend liked very much. I wished I was a little more energetic to be more engaged in appreciating his works. Perhaps the time difference and the challenge of adjusting to a different climate have got me to use up quite a bit of my energy by that evening. Anyway, all the best to this artist. May he get a chance to achieve the artistic milestones that he envisioned.

One of the other stops that we had made was one of the local supermarkets. This was a special tour, I should think. Afterall, this was my first visit to a local supermarket for this very trip to Australia. Furthermore, it was a tour about the supermarket with a good friend. The food produces that were available at the local supermarket looked pretty fresh.

One of the last stops for the evening was Chinatown, Sydney. My friend had wanted to have dinner at a Japanese restaurant in Market City but it was closing by that time of the evening. We were not even in time for the last order of the day. That was how we eventually ended up at Chinatown to have Chinese food. My friend generously treated me to a lovely dinner. I was more than contented to have good company in her, and to get to eat vegetables for the dinner. Many thanks to my friend for her treat to bread with pesto and camomile tea earlier the day too.

We spent some time catching up over dinner. My thoughtful and kind friend gave me a lift back to the hotel after the dinner even though my hotel was simply a few minutes walk from Chinatown.

That evening, I wish I could have a stronger auditory memory. My dear friend sang a couple of lovely tunes in her car. Those are her happy tunes I suppose? She said she sang those tunes because she felt happy. Her tunes were infectiously happy and those tunes have a delightful effect on me. It has brought joy to me to know that my friend is happy. I care, and I wish XS bliss every moment.


Doreen said...

When you have a good company, it really doesn't matter what and where you eat, it will still be a great meal.

eastcoastlife said...

You didn't take more pictures of the food stuff available!?

The vegetables and fruits are so fresh and sweet. :(

oceanskies79 said...

Doreen: Yes, I certainly agree. Every meal with a great company is a great meal!

eastcoastlife: Please pardon me. I was enjoying my friend's company and decided to just spend minimal time taking photos.

Yes, fresh and sweet vergetables and fruits.