Friday, October 10, 2008

16 Sep 2008: The ride to Katoomba

After a night enjoying beautiful sights at Cockle Bay, I got a night of rest and woke up close to 5 a.m. to get ready to travel to Blue Mountains.

My initial plans were to sign up for a guided tour about Blue Mountains. Most of these guided tours would require at least advanced-booking to be made, at least one day before the tour. However, I decided against the guided tour because I wasn't confident if I would be fit on 16 Sep 2008 to join the guided tour since I wasn't feeling well on 15 Sep 2008. Furthermore, XS shared with me much earlier that it was possible to travel about Blue Mountains on one's own. Eventually, my choice was to travel to Blue Mountain on my own, and to explore it solo.

In order to reach Blue Mountain, one could take a CityRail train to Katoomba station. I ended up getting myself a ticket to the Blue Mountains ExplorerLink that combines CityRail travel to Katoomba Station and day access to the get-on-get-off Explorer bus out of sheer convenience.

I had diligently woke up early so as to catch the first CityRail train to Katoomba. By the time when I reached the Central station, it was just after 7 a.m. Purchasing the Blue Mountains ExplorerLink ticket was quite a breeze. The main challenge was that because I was new to the railway system of Sydney, I took quite a bit of time to find out which platform I have to board the train from. Thankfully, the staff at the station were quite helpful to give me directions and I eventually board the right train before it set off for Katoomba at 7.25 a.m.

One thing I like to share would be the seats on the train. There's a mechanism on many of these seats that allow the passenger to reverse the direction to which the seat would face. Certainly, it would be easily to reverse the directions of the seats than to turn the train 180 degrees.

Before reaching Blue Mountains, I simply looked out of the window of train to see what was out there.

I like this shot because of the contrast between light and shadow.

Blue Mountains, here I come!


eastcoastlife said...

Can't wait to read about your trip to Blue Mountains. The train seemed comfy with clean seats and not so many passengers.

oceanskies79 said...

eastcoastlife: Yup, more posts on Blue Mountains await. There's at least 3 other posts on Blue Mountains. I have already completed the writing, now we have to just wait for Blogger to publish them as scheduled, one post per day.

I wonder whether there was lesser passengers because it was a weekday, a Tuesday?