Wednesday, October 29, 2008

19 Sep 2008: Leaving Sydney

I waited here, at the Thomas Street entrance to the hotel, for the bus to the airport.

After an adventurous and spontaneous day out with RL, and a beautiful and insightful night out with XS on 18 Sep 2008, I was reminded that I was due to leave Sydney the following day, in the early morning.

I woke up at about 3.30 a.m. that morning, and began the morning routine to shower and to prepare myself to check out the hotel. I had to take a domestic flight that would take me to Melbourne, and I had to reach the Domestic Airport by 6 a.m., an hour before the scheduled departure time. Checking-out of the hotel was quite a breeze, and I collected a packed breakfast which was similar to the one that I had on 17 Sep 2008. This time, I had the cereals with the milk that was found in the breakfast-pack. I ate my breakfast at the hotel lobby as I was still rather early for the bus.

The bus that would take me to the airport was scheduled to pick me up that morning at 5.15 a.m., and I was pretty early for it. While waiting for the bus, I took a photo of the streets. At that time of the day, when there were a few taxis that came by the hotel, the drivers would check if I had wanted to go to the airport by taxi. I declined politely. In the early morning, the streets were pretty quiet. Except for the cleaners and a couple of pedestrians on the streets, there was practically no one else at that time of the day.

As I stood there waiting for the bus, I couldn't help but recollect the many times I had walked along Thomas Street, and the blessings that XS had given me when we parted at Thomas Street the night before.

Eventually, the bus arrived. The driver drove pretty fast, and before 6 a.m., I was already at the Domestic Airport. I checked in. Since I was early, I had time for a second round of breakfast. I figured that I would get another serving of breakfast on the plane, so I decided to just get myself a small serving of toasted bread at the airport. I sat down to have my breakfast at a table which looked out to a lovely view of the Domestic Airport.

I started missing Sydney while I was at the airport, about to leave Sydney. I realised that it was not Sydney that I truly miss. It was the meaningful and memorable times with my friends in Sydney that I miss. More precisely, I will miss my friends, XS and RL. Hopefully there would be chances to meet again with them in the near future.


Doreen said...

Leaving is always the hardest part. I'm sure the trip has made your friendship stronger than before.

eastcoastlife said...

Yes, I do find leaving my friends difficult after a holiday.

It's so cool that the hotel gave you a packed breakfast. i wish they do that in Asian hotels.

oceanskies79 said...

Doreen: The trip to Sydney has been fruitful indeed. :)

eastcoastlife: I realised that it was the friends that make the place so beautiful.

Yes, it's cool to have packed breakfast!