Saturday, October 04, 2008

15 Sep 2008: Walk towards the Sydney Opera House

For myself who plays on a musical instrument, and has the pleasure to perform in concerts at least twice a year, a visit to the Sydney Opera House, the performing arts venue in Sydney, was simply essential.

However, before my visit to Sydney, I had checked out the programmes that would be performed at the Sydney Opera House during the period of my stay in Sydney and no particular programme interested me. Admittedly, I have very specific preferences. I love music from the Baroque, Classical and Romantic period. On the side, it was sweet of my friend, XS, to have also checked out for suitable concerts at Sydney Opera House before my arrival to Sydney. She's definitely spot-on to realise that none of the programme held during the period of my stay would interest me.

My next best option was to check out the Sydney Opera House's Essential Tour. After much contemplation, I also went for the Sydney Opera House's Backstage Tour on a different day. I am very glad that I have went for these two tours. It was simply an eye-opening and inspiring experience to simply be inside the Sydney Opera House.

If readers have figured it out, my destination after walking a long stretch of George Street in the morning of 15 Sep 2008 was the Sydney Opera House. Here's to share photos of my walk towards the Sydney Opera House from the Circular Quay area.

Circular Quay.

Sydney Harbour Bridge in the background.

Sydney Opera House.

Taken from Sydney Opera House.

I must say, the walk towards the Sydney Opera House was an absolutely beautiful one. There were simply so many lovely sights to admire.

Please stay tuned for more about my visit to the Sydney Opera House.