Thursday, October 23, 2008

18 Sep 2008: Circular Quay and The Rocks

The train journey from Town Hall station to Circular Quay station probably took less than ten minutes. After alighting at Circular Quay station, I explored the west of Circular Quay, and The Rocks on my own.

According to Insight Pocket Guide: Sydney (Reprinted 2007), Circular Quay was originally known as Sydney Cove. It is where the European settlement of Australia began on 26 Jan 1788. Today, Circular Quay is the terminal for most of Sydney's harbour ferry services.

My favourite part of the Circular Quay would be the harbour-side promenade. The promenade is a rather nice place to watch the ferries come and go, to enjoy the cool breeze, and to take delight in the soaring seagulls. It's a place to people-watch too.

The promenade.

Museum of Contemporary Art.

There's a Writers Walk that encircles the Circular Quay. This walk commemorates and celebrates famous Australian authors, with plaques that give details of the authors' careers and works. Reading some of these plaques can sometimes induce a poetic feeling in the reader.

A plaque dedicated to one of the famous Australian authors.

Writers Walk.

As for The Rocks, I understand that it is the site of Sydney's first European settlement. This is a place with historical significance that one should probably visit when one is in Sydney. Pardon me please, I think I still have a lot to learn about The Rocks, and its historical significance. Anyway, it's a pretty charming area.

Folks, if you wish to visit the oldest surviving residential building in Sydney, then Cadman's Cottage is a must for you. It was built in year 1816, and was occupied by Governor Macquarie's coxswain, John Cadman and his family.

Cadman's Cottage, 110 George St.

Nearby Cadman's Cottage, one can find a statue of William Bligh. It took me quite a while to appreciate how William Bligh was associated with Sydney. He was the fourth Governor of New South Wales.

Statue of William Bligh.

Paying attention to what's found on the ground.

Anyway, as I walked about Circular Quay and The Rocks, I realised that there are so much to see. I shall write less and just spend more time looking at some of the photographs that I had taken.

Spending time just watching life goes by is a blessing. I am glad that I had my share of such a blessing while I was in Sydney. I shall find time to do so in Singapore too.

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