Saturday, October 25, 2008

18 Sep 2008: On the Observatory Hill and subsequently

Sydney Observatory.

Many thanks to RL who led the way, both RL and myself eventually found our way to the Sydney Observatory.

Once a shipping signal station, the Sydney Observatory, now houses the Museum of Astronomy. At night, visitors could view the moon and the planets through the telescopes housed in the museum. By the way, I understand that the Sydney Observatory is Australia's oldest observatory.

RL shared with me about her last visit on a guided tour to the Sydney Observatory. I wished I knew a bit more about astronomy to appreciate what was going on in the museum. Strangely, I was not in the mode of taking in new knowledge that day. I merely wanted to be at the Observatory to see what's available there.

One can get a lovely view on the Observatory Hill. RL took a lovely photo that gives an idea of the beautiful view that one can get from the Observatory Hill. Yours truly on the other hand wanted to capture the large spaces that one can see on the hill.

Photo taken by RL from the Observatory Hill.

Photo taken by yours truly.

We spent a while on the Observatory Hill before deciding it was time for lunch. We were wandering up and down Argyl Street & Kent Street to look for a place for lunch. I can't remember how much we had walked, but we covered quite a fair distance by foot. On our way to find a place for lunch, we came across a fine building that was dark chocolate in colour, with a golden top. RL likes it, and I took a photo of her with this building as the background. It would have been perfect if we could find out the name of the building.

Eventually, thanks to RL's good sense of intuition, we ended up at an Italian restaurant that served pretty nice food. The place had a cosy ambience too. One of the waiters even came up to us and flatter my friend for her beautiful smile. She does have a beautiful smile, and more importantly, a very kind and beautiful heart.

Meantime, RL has a good eye for taking photos of food. Here's a photo that she has taken of our lunch for that day. I had vegetarian pizza, which wasn't a surprise since I love vegetables.

Credit: Photo by RL.

Lunch was lovely. We caught up with each other quite a bit over the lovely lunch. I am glad that one meaningful and rewarding outcome of my visit to Sydney was that I have managed to get to know RL better as a friend, and has hopefully forged a slightly stronger friendship.

What did we do after lunch? Please stay tuned for more.

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