Wednesday, October 08, 2008

15 Sep 2008: At St Leonards

One way to manage pain is to look at the positive sides of things. On my way to the shop that sells sheet music, I looked at the brighter side of how I have managed to find my way safely to St Leonards single-handedly. That probably showed that I have at least the capability to navigate about places on my own.

St Leonards is a comparatively more laid-back neighbourhood compared to the urban Sydney City. I quite like the sub-urb character of St Leonards. I do not have a map about St Leonards so I was basically relying on the limited visual memory that I have had of the map of the locality which I had some glimpses of while I was at the station.

I am pleased to share that I managed to find my way, safe and sound, to Zephyr Music. My objectives to visit Zephyr Music was to browse through the sheet music publications for double bass. I was hoping to find some suitable sheet music for diploma exams. However, it did not carry the Dragonetti's Concerto in G major (orchestra tuning) and the Bottessini's Concerto in A (orchestra tuning) that I was keen to purchase. Anyway, I got myself a publication containing orchestral excerpts for the double bass player. I also bought for myself a few charts that contain German and Italian musical terms.

Needing rest to recuperate, I headed back to the St Leonards station once I was done with my purchases. On the ride by to Sydney city, I took a photo of the Sydney Harbour Bridge while I was on the train. Enjoy!


j0ce1yn7an said...

I must say you are indeed brave. I would be so worried abt losing my bearings if i were to be on a foreign land alone and without a map!

oceanskies79 said...

j0ce1yn7an: Thank you for your compliments. :)
You may surprise yourself if you were to try visiting a foreign land without a map!