Sunday, October 12, 2008

16 Sep 2008: The Scenic World Blue Mountains

I was riding on Scenic Skyway. Scenic Skyway uses an interesting technology known as the Electro-Sceni glass floor. At a press of a switch, the glass floor will review the views that are under the cabin floor.

I suppose having just one post on Blue Mountains may not be sufficient to satisfy the curious eyes of my readers and so I shall share about the time that I had spent at Scenic World Blue Mountains.

On the Scenic Skyway.

There is one attraction of Blue Mountains that most tourists to Blue Mountains would visit, and this would be the Scenic World Blue Mountains.

There are quite a lot of activities that would excite the visitors at Scenic World Blue Mountains. When I was there, I purchased a ticket known as the Silver Pass which granted me one ride to each of the following: the Scenic Skyway, the Scenic Railway and the Scenic Cableway.

Take a plunge down the valleys with Scenic Railway.

According to the helpful staff of Scenic World Blue Mountains, it is recommended that visitors who purchase the Silver Pass to take the Scenic Skyway from Skyway Eastern Station to Scenic World Blue Mountains. Afterwhich, take the Scenic Railway and plunge down thorough cliff side tunnel into an ancient Jurasic rain forest. By the way, the Scenic Railway is known to be the steepest incline Railway in the world.

Part of Scenic Walkway.

Afterwhich, one could be on his/her own to explore the Scenic Walkway, which basically is a path through the ancient rain forest. The timbre boardwalk makes travelling about Scenic Walkway fairly accessible even for folks who need the aid of wheelchairs. Finally, to return to Scenic World Top Station where most of the amenities, one could take the Scenic Cableway out of the rain forest of the Jamison Valley.


Cableway, and people waiting for their turns to get out of the valley.

On the Cableway. The view from it was more beautiful than my camera could capture.

One decided to limit myself from taking photos while on the Scenic Cableway and the Scenic Skyway. The breathtaking views that one can get to witness on these two rides were simply too awesome that I became inclined to simply enjoy the views than to take photos.

To some extent, the words from XS while we were driving across Anzac Bridge had some effects on me, making me more inclined to decide to appreciate the moments through my own eyes.

It was a lovely time at Scenic World. For those who love rides, there's a ticket that allows one to have unlimited rides on all Scenic Cableway, Scenic Skyway and Scenic Railway in a single day. That means unlimited rides to view the lovely sceneries. Awesome.


PureGlutton said...

Wowww...everything is certainly so scenic here! Beautiful!

eastcoastlife said...

Those are so beautiful views! I didn't get to go to Blue Mountains when I was in Sydney years ago due to bad weather. I realised what I've missed. :(

oceanskies79 said...

Pureglutton: It is beautiful and scenic. :)

eastcoastlife: May you get to visit the Blue Mountains during a good weather one day soon. :)

I feel like visiting Sydney again...more because I miss my friends there.