Monday, October 27, 2008

18 Sep 2008: With RL at the Taronga Zoo

Photo taken by RL.

The bus from the Taronga Zoo Wharf brought RL and yours truly to the main entrance of the zoo. We probably had about two hours before the zoo close for that day. Our focus was clear, to look at the Australian wildlife and the animals that are native to Australia. We did managed to see a few other kinds of animal as well.

A friendly staff from the zoo gave us a few maps and we were ready to start our adventure exploring the Tarongo Zoo.


Wombat. A mini-tripod was used in order to take this photo.

At the zoo, I saw a platypus. However, it was extremely difficult to get a good photo of it with my camera. I was quite captivated by the wombat, and was pleased that I managed to get a photo of it with the help of a mini-tripod.

A snapshot of an interesting enclosure taken by RL.

This turtle saw us and started posing for us!

Have you seen the skeleton of a python? Below is a photo of it. Do take a closer look at how flexible the skeleton of a python is.

Yours truly wanted to have a look at the koala. We found out that we had already missed the schedule to be photographed beside a koala. Anyway, I took the photo below to remind future visitors to the zoo of the schedules to be photographed with the koala.

The koala bears that we saw were generally sleeping almost all the time. I understand that because of its diet whereby it feeds exclusively on eucalyptus leaves, koala generally sleeps 20 hours a day. That is a lot of sleep!

I managed to see one of the koala opening its eyes for a couple of seconds. Well, I suppose one has to be very lucky to see an awake koala.

I managed to see two kookaburras. I didn't recognise the kookaburras. Thankfully, RL was with me, and she told me there were two kookaburras right in front of us. I did not get to hear the laughters of the kookaburras however. Thankfully, I had seen the kookaburra and the sleeping koala during my visit to the Tarongo Zoo.


RL took this beautiful photo from Taronga Zoo.

We found out that there was no extra charge to take the cable car to the wharf. It was just recommended that visitors could please donate a gold coin for a ride on the cable car. In Australia, if I am not wrong, the one-dollars and two-dollars coins are gold in colour. The cable car ride offered us a nice scenery. Many thanks to RL for taking time to lend me her company at the zoo.

We took a ferry back to Circular Quay. On our way back, we saw a captivating view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge against the evening skies.

My words of appreciation to RL for her greatly appreciated company for the day. I later realised that she had a dateline to meet the following day, and was touched that she still made time to show me about Sydney. Thanks RL. Wishing her all the best in her endeavours.


Anonymous said...

hello, have a good day!!

oceanskies79 said...

Ellen: Thanks for coming by.

Doreen said...

First time seeing the skeleton of a python. Looks pretty scary to me.

oceanskies79 said...

Doreen: On the contrary, the skeleton of the python looked interesting to me. I think I didn't find it scary because the skeleton did not wear any slimy skin of the live python.

eastcoastlife said...

The koala bears are cute! Did you get to hug them?

there aren't many animals in this Zoo.

oceanskies79 said...

eastcoastlife: I did not get to hug the koalas that day.

Actually the zoo is rather huge and has more animals than you would see on this post. The thing was that we only reached there close to 3 p.m, and we left pretty well close to 5.30 p.m. if I recall correctly. So we did not see most other parts of the zoo.