Saturday, October 18, 2008

17 Sep 2008: Beautiful Watsons Bay

I saw this church while my friend and I tried to find our way near the waters of Watson Bay by foot. She told me that I could tell people that I had seen "The Gap".

My friend and I ended up spending about four hours or more at the cafe, I vaguely remember. I had accomplished quite a bit at the cafe.

After we had left the cafe, I was presented a gift by my friend, XS. Many thanks to XS for her gift. I will treasure it.

For the next stop of the day, I made a request to visit Bondi Beach. I had learnt from one of my friends, RL, that Bondi Beach is one place I should visit. I am not a person who loves the beach. It was just that I somehow had an urge to be just near the waters so I made that request for XS to drive me there. The truth was that it did not matter where I would visit that day. The company of a good friend was all that mattered.

Eventually, it was probably by sheer good luck that my friend unintentionally took a particular turn that got us near Watsons Bay instead of Bondi Beach. Learning that it did not exactly matter where we ended up at, I gladly went with the flow, to explore how to get Watsons Bay beach so that we could be near the waters.

I learnt from XS that the residential estates at Watsons Bay, Sydney, are owned by the very rich. I suppose it would be lovely to own a beautiful mansion at Watsons Bay? I said so because as XS and myself tried to find our way by foot to Watsons Bay beach from the main roads, I saw a lovely view. It was so serene and beautiful at Watsons Bay. If one could live there, it would be as if one was treated with the beautiful things in life, everyday.

My photos may not do justice to the beauty of Watsons Bay, a place I would remember for quite a while. More importantly, I am appreciative of my friend for driving me there and exploring the area with me.

I wonder if the experience of ending up unintentionally at the beautiful Watsons Bay was telling me that sometimes there is beauty to be discovered when one goes with the flow? Maybe the next time that things don't go as planned, perhaps there's something lovely waiting to be discovered?


Doreen said...

Beautiful, beautiful and beautiful! I LOVE THAT CHURCH!

oceanskies79 said...

Doreen: Yes, it is beautiful. :)