Sunday, October 26, 2008

18 Sep 2008: The spontaneous get-away

Fun with shadows. Yours truly with RL. Taken by RL.

What's next after the lunch?

My third request for the day was to see animals that are native to Australia. My friend, RL, suggested two places and I decided to visit the Taronga Zoo. I asked to take a ferry ride to the zoo from Circular Quay. RL was very kind to oblige to my very spontaneous and impromptu requests. Thanks RL.

We bought our tickets and then set off from one of the wharves at Circular Quay. The 15-minutes ferry ride to the zoo was a cool experience. It offered some nice views. That day, it was pretty windy and cold.

On the ferry, ready for the spontaneous get-away to the Taronga Zoo. Photo taken by RL.

Beautiful view from the ferry.

I like this. Lots of open-space.

My friend, RL took this interesting photo of the Taronga Zoo Wharf.

When we reached the Taronga Zoo Wharf, we chose to take a bus to get us to the main entrance of Taronga Zoo. What did we see at the zoo? Find out more in the next post of this series.


Doreen said...

I simply love the shadow pic! It seems to me that the weather in Sydney was nice and sunny the whole time you were there! How lucky!

eastcoastlife said...

The shadow picture is so cool! RL sounds quite fun to be with. :)

The ferry is a lovely ride too. The water looks unpolluted.

oceanskies79 said...

Doreen: I've found the shadow pic (in this post) that was taken by my friend, RL, to be cool! I am thankful for the reasonably good weather when I was in Sydney. :)

eastcoastlife: My sentiments indeed. :)

Yes, my friend, RL, is fun and lovely to be with. I sometimes wish I could be in Sydney again. The ferry rides there are so awesome.