Monday, October 13, 2008

16 Sep 2008: The solo hike

Other than the rides at Scenic World Blue Mountains, one thing that I would remember about my visit to the Blue Mountains would be my solo hike about the area.

My words of appreciation to the kind people that I have met while I was at Blue Mountains. Some of them helped me to take photos of myself. Others gave me some directions so that I could get to see the sights that I had wished to. The kindness from people is crucial for a solo traveller who has to travel about independently and alone. Perhaps no man is island indeed.

Travelling alone is an adventure on its own. Thankfully, there were sufficient signs at Blue Mountains and adequate pathways that make it fairly easy for anyone who wishes to hike about Blue Mountains alone. The journey was therefore not as physically difficult as it may seem, so long as I know my limits and not stretch them too far. Perhaps the challenge would be to learn to muster the courage and faith to simply walk forward, without fear.

Imagine that you are now hiking with me via this a short visual presentation of a liberating and recharging walk about Blue Mountains.

Please be careful. It's fairly steep here.

There's more ahead.

Watch your steps please.

Turn left and you will find yourself walking down a path with very steep steps.
Walk ahead, and you will see part of the Three Sisters rock formation.

Suggestion of the day: Try to find an activity to do on your own, without the presence of others, for at least an hour and see how it would feel. Of course, please take the necessary measures to keep safe. Have a good time learning to have time alone for yourself.

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