Wednesday, October 01, 2008

14 Sep 2008: The meaningful meet-up with a treasured friend

A special post like this deserves a meaningful and thoughtful introduction. My instincts told me that I shall begin this post by pointing readers to one of my favourite chapters from The Little Prince written and illustrated by Antoine de Saint Exupéry, translated from the French by Katherine Woods. Chapter 21. The essence of this chapter will provide a meaningful introduction to my memorable and meaningful meet-up with a friend of mine whom I cherish.

This is a friend who has 'tamed' me, like how the Little Prince has tamed his rose and the fox: The heart-warming birthday greetings, the few amusing notes that were sent, the greeting cards that have brought delight, the phone calls after school hours, the treasured company, the trips to concerts together, her interesting insights to life and friendship, the respect and thoughtfulness that she gives to her friends, her simply being herself and more.

Or was it that I have allowed myself to be tamed? Anyway, she is probably one of the first friends whom I make conscious efforts to establish friendship at a deeper level. The moments meeting up with her in Sydney were precious and meaningful because I was meeting up with a good friend whom I cherish.

While the meet-up did not involve much travel to the regular tourists' sites, the moments spent with a good friend is way more significant and meaningful than having conquered the Blue Mountains and having toured the Sydney Opera House altogether.

My words of appreciation to this friend of mine whom I've met on the afternoon of 14 Sep 2008. She drove me about many parts of Sydney and lent me her treasured company. Many thanks to her for letting me know that my gifts to her were appreciated and came useful. I have had a fun and pleasant time getting the gifts for her. It was a bonus to learn that she has found the gifts apt. While I am still learning how to be a better friend, it was a humble success for me to be of some service to a good friend of mine. For these, I am deeply contented.

I am also deeply grateful for the privileged opportunity to meet up with her, and to get to know this friend of mine better during this trip. I've learnt more about her favourite music and some of her aspirations.

Many thanks to her for her treat to snack (tea) and dinner. She also gave me a lovely drive across Anzac Bridge, and the view was beautiful against the evening skies. The Anzac Bridge is the longest cable-stayed bridge in Australia. On the ride across the bridge, she reminded me to simply enjoy the view and to stop playing with my camera. A very good advice which I followed after taking the photo below. Some beautiful moments are to be savoured with the eyes, and not through the camera's lenses.

My heartfelt thanks to XS for her friendship and hospitality. Wishing her dreams come true and happiness.

Finally, back to Chapter 21 of The Little Prince, treasure and make time establishing ties with friends. They make life more meaningful and enriching.


Doreen said...

I'm sure XS treasures you very much too. Hope you two meet again soon.

oceanskies79 said...

Doreen: I hope so too. :)

pinkie said...

I'm really curious about 'The Little Prince'... I've been reading your posts on your trip, they are wonderful! The pics are nicely taken too :) thanks for sharing.

eastcoastlife said...

You have good write-ups and have taken very lovely photos of Sydney. It's as if I went on the trip with you.

oceanskies79 said...

Pinkie: Hope you would like the links related to The Little Prince that I have sent you. The book should be available from most library. Enjoy it! I'm glad that you like the pictures and the posts. :)

Eastcoastlife: Thank you for your compliments. I am appreciative. :) Good to hear that you are now sight-seeing Sydney from your computer in Singapore. :)