Friday, December 30, 2005

An album full of sad tunes

Compile for me an album full of the sad tunes
That describes the pains and the anguishes
So hard for anyone to be totally free from

Send me tunes that play an entire day
Full of sadness and melancholy
To give a voice to all that vulnerabilities deep down

Let the tunes crush the heart
Push one down into the trenches of darkness
Maybe such darkness may make one feel more alive?

Perhaps with the sad tunes as a contrast
The brighter sides of life will sound brighter?
Then happy tunes may suddenly sound not so superficial

But for now
Let me throw myself
Into that ocean of sad blue tunes.


goldilocks said...

Why seek sadness? Numb, perhaps?

oceanskies79 said...

In hope to relate to the larger. (Sad tunes of all times).

OORANOS said...

Have a good time