Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Mosquito Bites

*Scratch* *Scratch*
Mosquito bites make one feel itchy, won't you think?

I do not know where the mosquito came from. I must have very limited awareness of my external environment at times such that I could not even tell when I was bitten by the mosquitos.

I write a mundane post for I am not in my best frame of mind to write a post with much depth.

A warning to Kunstemaecker who is coming to Singapore, he should consider bringing insect repellent when he visits the tropics.

I wonder if I have gave him a great suggestion? But then, would he ever get a chance to use an insect repellent if he were to stay in a hotel with air-conditioning facilities?


Simple American said...

Its probably good advice. I don't remember mosquitos in Germany.

T.K. Chapman said...

I hate mosquitos too. We have them here in the US.

Anonymous said...

I eat insects for breakfast ... ok, I'll bring repellent ;)