Thursday, December 29, 2005

Circle of bloggers 5

As you would have realised by now, I don't have much photos of fellow bloggers to show you. Msfeline and socialpest have done a much better job in getting photographs of the people while yours truly was too engrossed with capturing landscapes on digital film. You should check out their blogs.

Dinnertime yesterday was the major event of the day. It was the meeting of the bloggers. Bloggers present were: Kunstemaecker, Msfeline, Mistipurple, Pinkie, M., Delfina, Socialpest, Danny and yours truly.

If this had gone unnoticed, I must have been good at covering up my inadequacies. I was starting to feel awkward once there were at least about four other persons sitting with me at the dining table. I wonder if such reaction was normal for a person with a preference for introversion. I am one. I suppose it was normal? I know that if I am in need for personal space, I would do what is possible to avoid saying more than a mere greeting of "hi" if I were to meet friends (even the close ones) on the streets by chance. Pardon me if I were to shun you. It would probably be because I am in need for lots of personal space.

With time to help me warm up, it was simply hard to resist the company of the fellow bloggers and their friendship. Even if I were seem like I was in an uninvolved mode last night. Pardon me, this is part of the process of yours truly trying to recharge.

Post-dinner activity was spent at a nearby cafe. I was fascinated at how Pinkie tried to scoop the servings from the tall glass of chocolately desert. I might have done pretty much the same if I were the one eating that desert. I am quite a chocolate-lover myself.

Enjoying the company even though my energy level was running low most of last night.

The only complaint that I had was the smoke from the cigarettes from the various directions. Please bear with me, I tend to be sensitive to cigarette smoke. In the not-so-good scenarios, cigarette smoke can trigger non-stop coughing in me. Thank goodness it didn't.

If I had been overly zealous, I might have started a quit-smoking campaign on-the-spot. The campaign message would go like this: "Smoke-free lifestyle leads to better health."

Parting always seem difficult. Bid farewell to the fellow bloggers.

By now, Kunstemacker should be in Malaysia, and shortly after, back in his homeland.

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pinkie said...

oh... is tat so fascinating watching me eat tat 'chocolate chunk'? hehe...

Can u email me the pictures u took for us tat night please?

Marc said...

2006 will be a better year to hang with me. Planning to quit the habit come January. I need strength. I need constant nagging. I need threats. I need cold turkey and probably a hard whack if you see me light up from January 2006. DOH!

mistipurple said...

i had the direct hit from the side stream smoke (from behind me and not from c, lol) and i felt like punching the guy behind. it was his right as we were outdoors though. you were just next to me, so you didn't have it better!

you were good company and the whole group of bloggers knew you were recharging. i find this sentiment very comforting. we know each other well indeed, having read one another so often! this is indeed another step to deeper friendship. the irony of blogging i would say, where we write 'privately', as in needing our space, and it becomes strange when 'complete strangers' suddenly knew us 'from within'. hmm... hope i am making sense. :)

crazycat said...

i am very used to be smothered by cigeratte smoke.. think i will die young from all the 2nd hand smoke..

oceanskies79 said...

Pinkie: Yes. It looked so fun to be digging into the glass for what lies at the bottom of the glass.

M: Cheers to your good health. I don't think you need cold turkey. I'll send you lots of encouragement, and I believe those around you will give you constant reminders of your commitment to quit the habit. Would it help to think of quitting as an act you do out of love for (the good health of) yourself and your loved ones? Wish you success in this resolution.

Mistipurple: I like your analogy of knowing "strangers" from within. Oh, you have realised I was recharging already?

Crazycat: My father used to smoke when I was younger. Maybe I have suffered enough second hand smoke and wants no more of those. I wish you lots of good health to counteract the harmful effects of the 2nd hand smoke.

alfaqeer said...

i have not thanked you yet for bringing Kracker and me around on the first day. I knew from something you said before about needing personal space and I understood. However, I am an extrovert and tend to talk too much. Haha. If I had invaded your personal space, please do forgive me.

I had great fun walking around with you (it wasnt too much walking). Your company, albeit quiet, was pleasant and I enjoyed it. And you take great pictures!!

oceanskies79 said...

socialP: Thanks for your compliments.

I find you alright, in fact more than alright. It was actually a blessing to have you around, else I might have problems trying to find out how to start any conversation at all.

Anonymous said...

You are a wonderful person py. I only hope that one day I can return the favour to you. three kisses to you hehehe

oceanskies79 said...

Kunstemaecker: Thank you very much for your compliments too. It puts smiles on my face, and that is good enough to return whatever favours there are.

Gosh....I might end up blushing after receiving your kisses. Hopefully no one sees that.

Have a good year of 2006.

oceanskies79 said...

Welcome Simple American. Let me know if you have plans to visit Singapore. I'll accompany you to the WWII sites in Singapore.