Sunday, December 04, 2005

Retreat to a world of my own

Isolation becomes an option on the mind when one's world is continuously bombarded by noises. The noises from the trade fair still continues. I am waiting for the end of the trade fair to come. That will be sometime in the end of this month.

There seems no fit for one in this world. Isolation and melancholy will lend the quiet company to one until one feels more sane to deal with the noises again.

On the side note, I have found a rather nice and cosy place to retreat this evening. On a Sunday evening today, the library@orchard was quiet enough and not too crowded. It gave me space to retreat to a world of solitude. It took me away from the noises, for who would dare to make too much noises in a library? That would be too inconsiderate s thing to do in a library.

It is nice to relax and unwind by drinking a cup of beverage from Cafe Galilee which was located within the library. There is not many people this evening at the library, so I took advantage to enjoy all the peace and quietness that the library could spare me. Well, it wasn't all silence, there was nice piped-music that had lent music to my ears while I drank a cup of milk-shake at the cafe.

I must have been blessed to find that the music booths which were normally occupied were available today. After finishing the milk-shake, I went up to one of the music booths and listened in to Chinese pop songs sang by Fish Leong. The music booths play music from a selected list and one could choose between classical, asian pop, pop and jazz music. I chose classical initially but realised that it wasn't playing the kind of music I was expecting, so I chose asian pop in the end. While listening to the music, I tried to enjoy the serenity that the library has to offer.

Right now, I am wishing for quiet company. Too many thoughts on the mind, but too much noises from the external have added to the confusion. A quiet company may lend the needed sense of support for one to find strength to face the loud and confusing world.

Be my quiet company please.


pinkie said...

*whispering* "I like Fish Leong"

oceanskies79 said...

yes, she sings pretty well.

mistipurple said...

*treading in softly..*
wishing you peace and quiet.

Simple American said...

Hope you had some peace to reflect.