Sunday, December 11, 2005

Stopping the blues

It is past midnight. I am taking time to enjoy the peace and silence that the night has to offer. I hope this would help stop the blues from making me slip down further.

Late afternoon was spent at the library listening to Baroque music. I seem to have an affinity to libraries lately. They offer the solace and peace that I have been seeking.

Met J for dinner this evening. I am trying to figure out why J was said to have a "I want to eat Crystal Jade's look", but I soon decided that it was more important to enjoy the dinner with my friend, J. If I am not wrong, we ate at Crystal Jade Xiao Long Bao. The Xiao Long Bao was alright, but I think that the eatery at Neil Road serves better Xiao Long Bao. Nevertheless, it was a good dinner because of the company of a good friend. The food was satisfactorily and I like the pastry that J had ordered.

I thank J for bearing with me and with my strong need for space tonight.

After dinner, we took a stroll to the Victoria Concert Hall for the concert by the Singapore Symphony Orchestra. The concert is a Christmas Concert titled A Chopard Christmas with the SSO. The stroll was pleasant. It was a stroll that took us to walk along the Singapore River, and walking along the Singapore River often brings me good vibes.

The concert felt uplifting. Hopefully its effect would last to help stop the blues.

Anyway, I particularly like programme after the intermission. The orchestra played orchestral music with a sense of jazz in it. The double bass of the principal double bassist was connected to an amplifier and I love the basslines he played. He has a steady and solid sense of rhythms.

When it came to the last item of the concert, the audience was invited to sing along with the orchestra Christmas carols. J has a good voice and good sense of pitch I must say. While she sang along, I was trying to figure out how to sing while at the same time listen to the nice orchestration. I finally decided it was too difficult to do two things at one single time, and I decided to focus on listening.

The concert ended with balloons coming down from the circle seats. It was a pleasant surprise.

An enjoyable concert. No wonder tonight's concert was a sold-out! Thanking J for her company. I was in need of some company to shift me from being stuck with the blues.

After the concert, J and I parted for the night. I walked along the stretch of the Singapore River along Boat Quay. The night along the river mesmerised. It felt peaceful to walk under the stars tonight. I walked for as long as my body could bear with, before finally taking a bus home.

Tonight, I must have been blessed to have enough moments of peace to stop the blues from multiplying themselves.


mistipurple said...

haha. we were around the same place at around the same time perhaps! i was at the art house next door, lol!

oceanskies79 said...

You were so near to me last night. Maybe that was why I had thought of you last night.