Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Recovery isn't coming easy

Drained is the feeling. I am uncertain if it could be due to the noises. If it was, recovery hasn't been coming easy.

Evening was spent at the library@esplanade listening to the music of Vivaldi. Afterwhich, I spent some time reading at the same library. The library is relatively less crowded on a weekday night, and I enjoyed having the chance to enjoy the peace that the library offered.

Later, I spent some time alone at the Pacific Coffee Company cafe nearby. I tried to read several pages from a book on Music Theory, but I did not spend more than an hour there. Somehow the wooden chair that I was sitting on did not entice me to stay in the cafe for too long. I left after finishing a cup of Zen Mango tea and Oreo Cheese Cake. The Oreo Cheese Cake was not up to my liking, it could have been better. Somehow, the cake's texture is too dry to be satisfying to the palate. The tea has a nice fragrance, I won't mind drinking it again.

The breeze from the night has been very inviting. Little wonder to find me back at the Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay to catch the night view. But one must have been feeling so drained such that even the comforting breezes have failed to take my tiredness away. The mind just felt heavy. One feels as if in a pressure cooker where there's nothing meaning to look forward to.

As such, one has yet to recover even though one has had a few good hours of peace this evening. How does one recover from the blues and the noises?


mistipurple said...

perhaps counting your blessings might help? you have good health, family members are well and that is the most precious thing! enjoy your life, be happy!

Simple American said...

Sounds like a nicer evening than some of the other recent times.

Curious. Can you see the ocean from parts of Singapore, or is its access limited to the river?

Caracola said...

Nice to meet you always on line...i am beginig to suffer insomnia...i hope you found your place to recharge yourself! *big hug*