Saturday, December 31, 2005

Make a wish

Look hard into the above picture and you should see many white colour ball-like structures. I heard that these structures are known as wishing spheres. Each of these spheres is supposed to carry a written wish by the people of Singapore. I wonder who gets to write their wish on the sphere and how one gets to do so.

Later tonight, these wishing spheres will form stunning visual arts installations floating on the water (near the Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay).

When I was walking about nearby that part of Singapore with socialpest and Kunstemaecker, I remembered Kunstemaecker commented that these spherical structures looked like they were litters floating on the water especially from an aerial view.

I shall leave the final judgement of whether these spherical structures are works of art or pieces of litter to you.


But right now, I am feeling tired.

Earlier this evening, I had wanted to go for a walking tour of the Singapore River but due to not-so-good weather conditions, I decided to push my plans to next year. I keep my fingers crossed that I will get to go for the tour eventually before some unpredictable events of life step in to cause changes in those plans. Not that I am expecting any, but life is expectedly unpredictable.

The footsteps of year 2006 seem so close by now. It sounds so far away, yet it will be approaching in less than three hours time.

Before I digress, I end this post by inviting you to make your very special and personal wish. Think of it in your heart. Say it out silently in your mind. The wish has been made, and I wish that you will find that wish and it will come true.

Have a fulfilling and peaceful year of 2006.


mistipurple said...

thank you for giving us the chance to make a wish. i made mine and i hope yours will come true too.
happy new year py.

goldilocks said...

opps, i'm afraid i think they're polluting the river...

goldilocks said...

have a happy new year!

JoeC said...

Have a Smashing Happy New Year!

car@ said...

i made my wish already! thanks Py as always lovely pics!

I wish you a good 2006 full of peace, love and happiness!

Marc said...

made mine :) and am sure yours will come true. Happy New Year!

Simple American said...

Happy New Year to you Pei Yun.

I look forward to another year of your lovely pictures and reading your blog.

I saw those globes in the water and it reminded me of markers. The kind used by fisherman, so they might find thier nets.