Thursday, December 29, 2005

Circle of bloggers 4

(Continuing from previous posts.)

Am I boring the readers here? But then, when this blog was first started, one of the intentions was for it to serve as an avenue for me to have a constant monologue with myself. I could only say that I am doing my best to write in a way that best expresses myself.

I shall make this post a shorter one in order not to overwhelm.

Msfeline gets the credits of figuring out the way to get to Geylang. We took bus service number 80 to Geylang from the Harbourfront Bus interchange.

We alighted near a durian stall. Our attempts to tempt Kunstemaecker to try one of the durians did not seem to be successful. For the benefit of the non-locals, durian is a tropical fruit with a hard outer husk which is covered with sharp thorns.

We walked about Geylang. Along the way, Msfeline highlighted to both Kunstemaecker and myself the various good eating places along Geylang. Thanks Msfeline.


Glimpse of Geylang

Kunstemaecker requested to return to his hotel room for an afternoon nap. Msfeline and myself made sure that he reached his hotel safe and sound. Afterwhich, we headed for the Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay.

View from the library@esplanade. I like the way the beams of the windows intersect.


mistipurple said...

i marvel at the number of places you guys covered. *faints*

pinkie said...

Durians, yum yum!! Geez, I should have been with you guy/gals...

crazycat said...

thanks for showing mw the library.. i may go there to hide out tonight

Simple American said...

Your not boring me.

And now I know Geylang. haha