Friday, December 02, 2005

End it all

"Thump thump thump"
The above describes the sound from the trade fair. Noises must have travelled up and have been amplified. Silence is what I need now to recharge and to heal from the pain and aches, but silence is a commodity that is now becoming a luxury.

Perhaps people thinks that the noise will help fill the emptiness? Perhaps people think loud sounds mean fun. At times I do enjoy the occasional blasts from brass instruments of the Western symphony orchestra. Those blasts make the music complete or make important highlights to the music. The beauty that loud sounds may give is totally absent in the loud noises that I was exposed to today.

Except for the drumming performance that I had watched this evening, most loud noises tonight had introduced hell to my already painful experience. It is "the time of the month" and I was experiencing what seems to be menstrual cramp and a low blood pressure. I could hardly gauge my way around places with clarity on a few occasions. Silence is what I need. But it was not available to me. Back was aching so badly for a moment in time that I had wished that the end of my world could come soon. For coupled with it was a headache. It did not help that I was in a place with lots of loud music. Until it was so unbearable that I had to find ways to exit.

It did not help that the trade fair near my home still roars the same "thump thump thump" noises. I am finding it hard to keep sane at times. I am just trying to focus on blogging to distract myself from the thumping sounds.

The noises must have been here to put myself to tests? Or the noises be around so as to remind me that I have low threshold for noises that make no sense to me.

Strangely, it is raining now but the trade fair continues to emit this "thumping" sound. End it all, the noises. For I fear if they don't, I will be the one to lose my sanity soon.

Offer me the quiet company that I would need please.

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pinkie said...

ah... time of the month and pms definitely affect a woman... same here... the cramps can kill me and I get irritated easily...

Hope all will be gone soon, esp the noise!