Sunday, December 11, 2005

A matter of character

I was walking along the Esplanade Park with J last night on our way to Victoria Concert Hall. Yours truly love walking and sightseeing. I felt glad that even though the previous Supreme Court building is now no longer in use, it continues to be lit up at night. I look forward to the day when the previous Supreme Court gets refurbished into a world class art gallery. It is a building with character.

Both J and myself thought nothing much about the new Supreme Court that is now in use. It lacks character in my opinion as a Supreme Court of the republic. I do not know if the fast pace of modern life has gotten into the architect. The need to do things fast and within a limited time has seemed to kill the inspirations required to design a building with character that would highlight the stately nature of the Supreme Court.

I am proposing that the way forward now is to slow down our pace and attempt to reflect on what matters most. The fast pace of modern life has its setbacks, and I find that this is being reflected even through some of our current works of architecture.

For your comparison, below are photos taken of the current Supreme Court and the previous Supreme Court.

Current Supreme Court

Previous Supreme Court

Which do you prefer as a Supreme Court?

I am biased, I like the latter more.


mistipurple said...

the latter is an icon of singapore in a way. it sits more stately and i prefer her obviously.

pinkie said...

huh... it looks completely different.. I prefer the old one.

Goes to show how long I haven't been to tat area...

Simple American said...

I like the old one. It looks justice. The other one looks like a mall.

Lion said...

the old one is better.more stately and court-like.the new one resembles something out of a sci-fi reminds me of that rotating tower thing at collyer quay.