Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Farewell Trade Fair

Hopefully, the noises will be out from my life for a while. Yesterday, while I was walking towards my block, I noticed that almost 70% of the stalls in the trade fair were GONE!

Will the environment become more peaceful? Maybe not. There is construction going on just next to my block of flat too.

The unexpected has became reality. Yesterday, I Met face-to-face with several bloggers whom I have never met before: Kunstemaecker, Socialpest (maybe she could change a nickname, she isn't a pest in anyway), and Msfeline (I had only saw a glimpse of her when I last saw her by chance). Also met with Mistipurple once again.

Stay tune for more.


mistipurple said...

see you later! you should, at this time, be with kracker and kelly and ameera? hmm.. i hear food and chinatown?

dreaming-neko said...

that must be exciting!
i've yet to meet a fellow blogger in this year of heavy blogging :(

car@ said...

i wanna meet you girls too!!!! aww!!! so nervous for you all! ENJOY!!!!! ;-P

oceanskies79 said...

Hi Caro, if you are coming to Singapore, let me know. I try to make time to show you around.

oceanskies79 said...

Dreaming-neko: i will put up some post about the meeting with the fellow bloggers.

Mistipurple: yup, more post awaits.