Saturday, December 10, 2005

Past midnight

It is past midnight, and finally the sounds from the trade fair has stopped. It ought to be.

It is now Saturday. Half the night has passed.


It was no more than 48 hours ago when I attended my second music theory class. It was an individual lesson. My theory tutor was relieved and probably pleased that I have managed to find and to bring to class what was supposedly a not-easy-to-find book: William Lovelock's First Year Harmony.

The second music theory class started with going through the first few pages from First Year Harmony. The tutor went through with me about the concepts of major, minor, augmented and diminshed triads. The later part of the class was spent learning about music from the Baroque period. I felt enlightened to be able to understand the basics of what those figured bass in Baroque music had meant.

Part of my homework was to find out what a transverse flute is. I think I have found it out. Learning music theory can be quite fun. It takes me out of the routine.

The world is getting out of touch from me. Yet it did help to look for some positive things to talk about.


pinkie said...

there u go... stay positive :)

Simple American said...

What is a transverse flute? You aroused my curiousity.