Monday, December 19, 2005

Revealing what lies behind the shadows

What lies behind the shadows?

A sense of feeling that the world is dark.
No more light as yet. Nothing is found.
Searching. Yet, no find.
Lost. Lost. Lost. Yet will not be forever.
Perhaps there are some hints of clues.
No confirmation of any kind. Not even anything close enough.
Remote is the word.
Far yet from the world of bliss.
Yet the search is founded upon the faith of a discovery, where the journey is supposed to be the best part of the story.

See beyond the shadows.
Dream one's wildest dreams.
Take confidence that what lies beneath,
Will be the truth one is seeking.
That what lies behind the shadows,
Is stately enough to make one feel as if in a fairyland.
A fairyland where dreams really do come true.

1 comment:

mistipurple said...

let me share my fairyland with you.
if you'd look hard enough, there are fairies hiding under the clovers. they're shy, just like you! but they're always wishing good things for you. they just whispered that they found a magic clover, rare and few, that will grant your wish, your wish to find your peace and the path to your journey. here it is...