Saturday, December 03, 2005

Thanks Caracola

A word of thanks to Caracola for listening in to my frustrations earlier this morning. After the conversation, I went to check for the time differences between Spain and Singapore. It was 7 hours of difference if I had figured it right. Then, I realised that it must have been an hour past midnight for her in Spain.

I thank her for her kindness and time. A photo that I had recently taken, dedicated to her:

Singapore River, near Boat Quay. Preparing to start a dragon-boat race.

I thought that slanting the camera horizontally will give more interesting lines. What do you think?


mistipurple said...

i love caracola. she is the sweetest person and a blessing to my life. i am glad you caught her today.

crazycat said...

as usual the sunshine angel is there to give us a helping hand..

and also, PY , ur pic is so beautiful

Caracola said...

OH girls!!! *blushing*
Py THANK YOU so much for that is PRECIOUS!!! i really would like to come soon and meet you all...every day is running like crazy in this head of mine.
You girls are so kind to me, sniff sniff.
*I hug you all right now*
I will be M.I.A. for a coupple of days but i will be thinking of yous.

Caracola said...

By the way Py, i have saved your pics in a special folder that says:
Welcome to my homeplace, i will guide you tru my eyes. I am not kdd...i love them all!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

hey there! thanks for dropping by. WOW, u have quite a talent for pix. And yes, that slanting snap does make it look a little more unique.

Anonymous said...

ps. i HAVE to meet up with caracola one day when i visit spain.

pinkie said...

nice picture... as always!

oceanskies79 said...

Yes, Misti. Caracola is a sweet lady.

Crazycat, thanks for the compliments

Caracola, do update us of your trip. Thanks for the hugs. I return your kindness with a smile. By the way, where is this folder you have mentioned?

Yvy: Thank you for coming by.

Pinkie: All the best for your exams. I am glad that you like this picture.