Sunday, December 18, 2005

Which is the winner?

Which is the winner?
Is it the irritating noises from the trade fair?
Or is it the focused sounds from my keyboard?

The noises have left my mind uninspired
Weakened my physical body from facing my daily trials

Yet hardly they have weakened the need for self-expression
Finding a voice through the keyboard

If I could trust
That the typing on the keyboard
Is as if a form of meditation
That will lift one away from the worldly noises
Then stay focused on one's expression
To free one's inner voices to the external world

Yet the future is uncertain
Which shall emerge the true winner?
No certainty of one's full return
But for now, the typing will go on.


mistipurple said...

type away, py, your words are your weapons. they will help fight your blues and noise away.

oceanskies79 said...

I hope so. Have a good week Misti.

pinkie said...

yup, the future is uncertain, so live for the moment?

Simple American said...

Bear your heart for your willing readers enjoy. Though I look forward to the end of your suffering.