Sunday, December 04, 2005

Rehearsals keeps one away from lifelessness

Orchestra rehearsals have resumed. The first orchestra rehearsal after the recent exams-break (for I play in a university orchestra as a graduate member) was on 1 Dec 2005.

It may seem poor choice to have decided to miss the orchestra rehearsal on 2 Dec 2005, but the other alternative that I had finally chose to attend was rather obligatory and only happens once a year. On hindsight, I would have definitely prefer to attend the orchestra rehearsal, yet if I were to choose again, I would still have chosen the other alternative as it was the most appropriate choice to make under the given circumstances.

Today, the orchestra rehearsed the first and the last movement of Brahms' Symphony No. 2. Although I still struggled to get the rhythms of certain passages and to play certain passages in tune, I have enjoyed the rehearsal. Brahms' music is so much easier for me to relate to than Sibelius' music. Maybe someone should sponsor me to a trip to Finland so that I could better appreciate Sibelius' music?

Rehearsals seem to inject a little life into me. Hopefully in about two months time, I could play Brahms' Symphony No. 2 well enough. I find it a challenge to play Brahms' for his music tends to be difficult both technically and more so, musically. I was told that the orchestra's upcoming public concert will be held on 25 February 2006. That sounds fast-approaching.


For now, I am in a process of considering whether to sit for ABRSM Grade 8 Double Bass practical exams next year. I don't feel quite fully ready for playing scales, aural and sight-reading yet. I also don't know if I could muster enough energy to practise with the heavy workload in office. Then finally, I would need to find a piano-accompanist too. I am just having these thoughts in order to make sure that the plan in mind is reasonable and achievable. I think I know my answer.

Meantime, whatever life that rehearsals may inject, it is simply for those moments during rehearsals. That sense of life seems not enough to sustain one till the rest of the entire week. Anyway, when the feeling of lifelessness do come, maybe one should look within too for strength other than look outside oneself?

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