Sunday, December 25, 2005

No just one single source

Thank you for counting with me for the trade fair to end.

When one listens more intently, one will realise that the noises from the trade fair are not from just one source. They are from multiple sources.

As best as my ears are trying to make out of the noises, there seems to be a shop that sells music CDs. It has been playing music at a very loud volume.

Let me attempt to make a good guess of the other sources (purely from my inference and imagination):

There is one stall that has been constantly emitting awfully amplified voices of the salesperson trying to sell his wares and goods. He must have love the sounds of his voice amplified more than a thousand times such that he has chosen to speak through a microphone and amplifier every night.

It also seems that many of the stall-holders have brought along their own entertainment sets to play music to entertain themselves, and in hope to attract people to visit their stalls. When the stall-holders can't hear their own set of music, they probably chose to turn the volume of their player louder? I suppose their policy is to fight noise with more noise?

There is this fortune teller (I think) who has decided that no one would be able to hear him anyway if he not did speak through a microphone. As such, he found himself a microphone and have his voice projected loud and clear through the speakers. This must have helped saved his voice from cracking after hours of non-stop talking every night?

I have no clue what kind of speakers were used, but they were so powerful that I could feel their vibrations from where I am staying. I live more than twenty storeys above the ground.

So for now, if you aren't having a headache from reading about these multiple sources of noises, I am having a headache from hearing the noises.

I shall continue to count down.


mistipurple said...

wow, that sounds terrible. i countdown with you till you get peace at home again.

car@ said...

oh god! that is not fear Py! I will join Misti in that countdown dear...may you find a bit of fpeace meanwhile.... merry xmas! ;-)

Simple American said...

Counting with you all as well.