Monday, December 19, 2005

Time draws near

Time is drawing much nearer than one would admit.
Hours of rehearsals have been spent simply to stage a two hours performance.

Yesterday, the orchestra was rehearsing the first and the third movement of Brahms' Symphony No. 2. Brahms' music in my opinion is challenging to play. Technically and musically. Everytime I play Brahms' music, I will make a new discovery or experience of the music. This was the case even when I was feeling pretty tired during rehearsal yesterday.

Yesterday, I was told that the tickets for the orchestra's next public performance are already up for sale. Two months before the concert!

Take a peep if you wish to:

NUS Centre For the Arts
A Night of Enchantment by NUS Symphony Orchestra (NUSSO) with Konstantin Scherbakov
as part of NUS Arts Festival (R&R 2006)

24 Feb 2006 (Fri), 7.30 p.m.
Venue: University Cultural Centre-Hall, National University of Singapore

Sometimes I wish the timing of the concert and the venue could be more accessible. The best way to advocate for and secure better timings and venues in the future is to win the support of audience so much so that the University Cultural Centre has not enough seats to cater to all the members of the audience. Then we might be able to perform at the Esplanade Concert Hall, which is much more accessible in my opinion.


mistipurple said...

i hope that day will come too. at that last concert we attended, the hall was quite full. that should justify a bigger hall?

Emy said...


i havent seen u online much lately. must be my weird hours due to nutcracker. hope ur doing okay!...

take care!

love emz~

Simple American said...

Is NUS the National University of Singapore?

Good luck in your prepaeation.

oceanskies79 said...

Hi Mistipurple, well, hope that day will come.

Emily, happy playing.

Simple American, yes, you are right. Thanks.