Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Finding of the day

Regularly, the professional social workers and counsellors in my department will get to read articles related to the social service. These articles are being circulated and each of us will take time to read them.

Today I read one article on an Email Befriending Service.


Finding of the day, the Samaritans of Singapore (commonly referred to as SOS offers an Email Befriending Service. This is intended for people who are troubled or in distress. It recognise that there are people who may prefer to write than to talk.

The email address for the Email Befriending Service is: pat@samaritans.org.sg

Hopefully, sharing about it on this blog will give this service some publicity that it deserves. More important, may this information be a useful resource.

1 comment:

pinkie said...

heard of such email service b4. Tink the counsellor must be very careful of what to write, how to reply since words of such do not hv any body language or tone.