Thursday, December 08, 2005

Peace is disturbed

I do not know if it would annoy readers to yet again write about how the noises from the trade fair has disturbed my sense of peace. Yet it still has been doing so without fail.

I could only learn to bear with it, and assume that there are people out there who may have benefitted from its existence. Those people who have put up stalls at the trade fair depend on good location (and the flat I am living in is situated on one) for livelihood. People who enjoys shopping count on the trade fair to have convenient shopping. People who loves the local concept of the night market (Pasar Malam in Malay language) looks forward to the trade fair for nostalgic reasons. The list may go on if I were to attempt to list more.

Yet, I have found that I do not benefit much from its existence.

Firstly, I do not enjoy listening to noises that I could not make any sense out of. Every night, the trade fair emits sounds that I would rather not have heard. Last week, it gave the "thump thump" sound. Tonight, I could hear the voices of people trying to sell their items over the loudspeaker. At times, I could hear voices of people singing.

Secondly, I am not a shopper. I shop for a functional reason and not for the pleasure of shopping. Except for a few occasions whereby I was tasked to buy some food from the trade fair, I hardly shop in it. Most of the time, I would just simply walk past it without spending much time to shop. The truth is, the senseless emission of noises and sounds from the trade fair have deterred me. All I want, is peace.

Thirdly, while images of the trade fair may remind me of the times when I was young and was brought on a few occasions to a trade fair to play games, it was not quite nostalgic to be in one now. I did not remember myself enjoying being in a crowd even when I was much much younger. The most I could appreciate is that my parents took time to bring me to a trade fair. Maybe the novelty of the fair has helped me bear with the crowd then? Then sadly, I could say that trade fair has seem to lose its novelty on me.

One more month, and I could so gladly say bye to the trade fair. Hopefully there are really a lot of people who do benefit from its existence, even though I don't. If not, I will question very strongly why anyone would want to set up a trade fair in the first place. Why set up a white elephant that is of not much benefit to people and yet brings in so much disturbance?

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Simple American said...

Can you move to avoid this next year. This seems to be a perpetual pain that haunts your every December. I would move to a more peaceful flat.