Sunday, December 18, 2005

In the dark shadows

I must have been a run-away lady. Running away from the noises. Running away from what does not seem to fit me as yet. Even if it means that I have to wander around without an aim, without a single plan, so be it.


Yesterday, I took out my sketchbook with the intentions of finding something to sketch. I left home, on a brief run-away attempt. I wandered, until I reached the Singapore Art Museum where I caught the exhibition titled Gao Xingjian Experience. I hope for some guidance to better understand his works.
His use of the Chinese ink displays a level of mastery.

Here's the synopsis of the exhibition that I have extracted from the official website:
This exhibition will provide Singaporeans an opportunity to see a practice stemming from Chinese ink painting influences and European (partic. French and German) philosophical and literary ideas that influenced Gao’s thinking. This exhibition is held from 17 Nov 2005 to 7 Feb 2006.

But I left the Singapore Art Museum without a single sketch. The slight drizzle yesterday could have dampened my mood to sketch. When one was more prepared to sketch, the dark evening skies came by. I usually don't sketch in the dark for I could hardly see what I am sketching. So there was no sketch that was done by the end of the day.


Yet there must have been an urge to find a way to portray a sense of being in the shadows. Sketching would have taken a bit more time to capture this, so instead I took the photo that you see right above. In the shadows, but looking out for some light. Where is the light? It may be very near, but is yet to be found.


Simple American said...

That church is in Singapore? Wow. I thought perhaps it was from Scotland or England. Very beautiful and magestic. Must walk through it when I visit. I like to see the insides of churces as long as I do not intrude on God's work.

oceanskies79 said...

Maybe Mistipurple may be more able to give a brief history of this place. This building is part of this place called C.H.I.J.M.E.S.

Chijmes was once the Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus (CHIJ), established in 1854. It is now a premiere lifestyle destination. But yes, what you saw was the chapel.