Monday, March 19, 2007

The Birthday Wants and Don't-Wants meme

Even though I usually don't follow-up with a meme even when tagged, I shall oblige so as to give lots of face to Mistipurple, who happens to be one of the first few readers to read my blog on a regular basis. She tagged me recently.

10 Birthday Wants:
1. I want good health.
2. I want to enjoy a delicious sumptuous spread of breakfast.
3. I want to be in the peaceful and good company of my friends or family members.
4. I want birthday cards specially selected and written for me.
5. I want a relaxed day which I can sit down and watch the world go by.
6. I want to enjoy some good sceneries and a good walk.
7. I want a peaceful and carefree day.
8. I want to be commissioned to tour and write about various places in Singapore, and the rest of the world!
9. I want to be offered a mentor to guide me to face the challenges that life may present to me.
10. I want to be awarded a sponsorship to own my dream Italian-crafted double bass!

10 Birthday Don’t Wants:
1. I don't want noise, please.
2. I don't want to be stuck in an awful crowd.
3. I don't want soft toy as present. I may like looking at some very excellent soft toys, but my nose is generally sensitive to put anything soft toy in my bedroom.
4. I don't want milk or white chocolates. I prefer dark chocolates unless the milk or white chocolate is superbly excellent.
5. I don't want to be sabotaged.
6. I don't want to be made a fool of myself.
7. I don't want to be forced to drink. I refrain from drinking alcohol in most situations.
8. I don't want an invitation to watch movie on my birthday. I generally prefer to attend concerts, musicals, visual art exhibitions or visit museums.
9. I don't want a tiring day on my birthday.
10. I don't want nagging from my parents and anyone else, not on my birthday.


mistipurple said...

ah. thank you for doing the tag. i wanted to know you better, not that i don't already. but there are some space which words can reveal only, and i avoid encroaching in your space 'physically'.
thanks again. i love reading you. and of course, i enjoyed reading this post!

Simple American said...

I hope you get the tour writing commission too. I think you would excel at this. :)

Wish you get your wants and a curse on any that make your don't wants come true.

eastcoastlife said...

oh, such simple wishes!

And these reveal more about you whom I have grown to love.

May your wishes come true.