Sunday, March 11, 2007

Insightful life stories by Eastcoastlife

Eastcoastlife has posted a series of insightful life stories, and I think there are a lot of learning points that we can draw from her experience. I am in the opinion that everyone around us can be our teacher at some point in our lives. Even young children can teach us things about life.

The past few mornings, I happen to take the newly-refurbished lift with this young child who is probably no older than five years old. The previous lift did not have any clear display panel nor does it stop at every floor. However, the new lift does. His fascination with the lift's display panel and his act of counting down every single floor that the lift is at reminds me of the fascinations of having to do something new. The fascination can become an obsession, but well, it is fun to do so at times. Try doing so at times, it can be fun.

Enough of my rambling, do check out Eastcoastlife's blog.

Some of her worthy recent posts include:
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Simple American said...

I have been checking ECL out. Thank you for introducing me. :)

oceanskies79 said...

SA: You are most welcome. :)