Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Explore Singapore! series in bite-size clips

From a TV series to bite-size clips on YouTube, has certainly brought delight to readers like myself.

Due to high workload and my many other commitments, I am usually not at home to watch the info-tainment heritage show Explore Singapore!. Furthermore, I have absolutely no video-recording facilities at home to record the show and view it when I am free.

As such, I am pleased to share that Explore Singapore! is now available in bite-size video clips right at For the first bite-size clip of the series, do check out: Explore Singapore! TV Series - 2nd Broadcast.

In the embedded short clip (about 5 minutes in duration) found in this post, viewers can look forward to learn about the "old-fashioned security cameras" that were used decades ago by people living in shophouses in Singapore. In addition, viewers can also look forward to find out how people several decades ago protected their properties with wooden planks!

This clip will take viewers to several parts of the Chinatown Heritage Centre, Singapore. I am certain that Kunstemaecker, Msfeline, and Simple American are likely to like it.


Simple American said...

I do like it!!! :)

What a wonderful resource.

Anonymous said...

Very nice. thanks for this.