Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Mystic's compliments

I am now listening to an audio recording of the concert Sturm and Drum.

How did that has to do with one of my friend's compliments?

I had a phone conversation with Mystic today, and she gave me compliments with regards to my performance at the concert. Her compliments were flattering. Whatever it is, I hope most, if not all, members of the audience for the concert could be touched in some ways by our music.

Once again, a special thanks to all those who have attended the concert. Thank you for allowing us to share the music with you.

It brings pleasant memories of the concert as I listen to the recordings of the concert. But if you were to ask me, I would still prefer to listen to music live!

Yes, if I were to choose between listening to music live and listening to recorded music, I would prefer to catch the concert live. Somehow, I find that I can hear a greater spectrum of sounds when listening to music live! And live music tends to move me, more than recorded music.

Well, after Mystic's compliments, I guess I could count on her to convince my parents to attend the future concerts that I will be playing in. Disappointing to say, my parents turned down my invitations to this concert. I think that there were many magical moments during the concert, it was certainly a concert worth going for. I can only admit that my weakness is that I do not want to over-promote myself, at least not to my parents.

My request for my parents is that if they deeply wants to bond with their child, it would be great for them to learn to appreciate the things that their child loves, even though those may not be instinctively the things that they enjoy.


Simple American said...

What? Your parents did not go? That is disappointing. Sorry PY. I wanna go!!!

pinkie said...

Guess it means alot to the child to have parents' support in whatever he/she does.