Friday, March 30, 2007

Too painful to bear

The pain from the cramps
Too painful to bear
From the abdominal area
It spreads to the head

Feeling weak
Judgement slurred
Such that I took the train
To a wrong direction

Couldn't endure
Such that I fear
I might faint any moment
Or land myself in a fall

I felt being robbed
Of my focus
Concentrating seems more challenging
When the pain attacks

While painkiller helps a little
I am reluctant to count on it
Until the pain gets
Too painful to bear...


mistipurple said...

sounds like you need to take some tablets for them. know you hate them, but it might be necessary to, for the time being. your condition might get better with time, so do not be too disheartened.

may said...

oh dear, that must really hurt :(
I hope you feel better soon...

Simple American said...

Hope the pain has gone away. *hugs*