Thursday, March 08, 2007

Contemporary Conservatory Life

On Jason Heath's blog, there is an interesting post on an article, Contemporary Conservatory Life, contributed by Nicholas Hart, a double bassist studying at Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music.

Below are snippets from the article for your pleasant viewing, and if you find yourself interest, then check out the post: Contemporary Conservatory Life

I think this article is great for anyone wishing to consider an education in music.

...The hardships facing an incoming freshman at a conservatory can fill a book. The biggest probably being how to pay for an education that rarely applies to anything but music. Jason has covered this topic many times and I, after only one year of college, am already in thousands of dollars in debt. This debt leads me to another question – Is it worth it? I say absolutely.

This year, I have learned that music is one of the most powerful art forms, and participation in creating music is incredibly powerful. To have the opportunity to look inside the emotions and thoughts of the composer, interpret them, make them your own, and portray them to the audience is one of the most moving and rewarding parts of my life...


Simple American said...

There is something wonderful about making music. Performing a song to perfection. The camraderie of the musicians that combined their talents under the director's precise baton.

Miss that sometimes. Stay with music as long as you can PY.

oceanskies79 said...

I agree that making music is incredibly powerful!