Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Singapore's Monuments & Landmarks: A Philatelic Ramble

At the brunch meet-up on 25 Mar 2007, I was privileged to get a copy of Singapore's Monuments & Landmarks: A Philatelic Ramble written by Tan Wee Kiat, Edmund WK Lim and Kevin YL Tan. I even have my copy specially autographed by Dr Tan Wee Kiat himself. Many thanks to Dr Tan.

I am not a stamp-collector. But I was pleasantly surprised to find out through this book that there were several stamps issued in Mar 2004 and Oct 2002 that contain images of the Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay. Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay is currently one of my favourite performing venues in Singapore.

Aside from featuring performance venues in Singapore, it also covers goverment buildings, nature parks, the Civic District and various other landmarks in Singapore.

Here's a synopsis: "This book presents the various stamps which feature Singaproe landmarks of the past and present. It contains full-coloured, enlarged prints of the stamps, as well as interesting information about the natural and man-made landmarks in Singapore...Discover our history, heritage and environment as you go on an enjoyable philatelic journey of our landmarks."

If you are a member of the National Library Board, Singapore, you can find more information on the loan status of this publication right here:

To get your own copy of the book, I understand that this book is available from major book stores. (ISBN 978-981-05-7809-1)

Some of Dr Tan's other publications are also available for purchase here:

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Simple American said...

I wanna see that book when I visit Singapore. :)

I love stamps, though I am not a collector.