Saturday, March 17, 2007

The deserted island meme

I was tagged by Eastcoastlife to do the meme below:

If you had to live on a deserted island for a year, which 5 bloggers would you bring with you and why?

Actually, I won't have subjected myself to live on a deserted island in the first place, unless there is food cooked for me and all chores done by themselves. The deserted island should also have beautiful sceneries and a nice shelter to live in. Oh, can I bring my double bass and lots of sketchbooks to sketch?

If I won't live on a deserted island in the first place, could I be spared from answering the meme?

Even if I were to bring a few bloggers with me, I won't have chosen five in the first place. I might be overwhelmed by having to interact with too many people! Furthermore, how I can ever bring them with me without their permission?


But well, if I am forced to live there, here a some bloggers that I won't mind bringing with me:

She plays the double bass and she composes music. She also plays the piano. Maybe I could tempt her to play double bass duet with me, or even accompany me on the double bass.

I think she might enjoy a respite from the rest of the world, but well, I think a year seems too long for both of us.

Ah, I can even ask her to give me an induction to Dao de Jing by Laozi. I was impressed how she recited the first few phases of it a few weeks ago when we attended a concert performing Vladimir Martynov's SINGAPORE. A Geopolitical Utopia.

Jason Heath
He's a double bassist too. With him around, I can ask him to give me double bass lessons so that I won't have to miss too much on my double bass lessons while I am on the island. Who knows, after a year, my playing would have improved by leaps and bounds?

She cooks pretty well, and she makes nice pseudo-tiramisu. So if I would need help with the cooking, she is one dependable person to fall back on. I think she would offer a nice quiet company, and that is probably what I would need most of the time.

Since she tagged me with this meme, I figured that she may be willing to join me if I were to be in a deserted island for a year!

I have asked that she shares some pointers with me, so if I were on a deserted island with her for a year, I figure that I may become wiser after learning from Eastcoastlife.

Cool Insider
This gentleman has a lot of good wisdom and knowledge on marketing and corporate communication, I hope to learn some of these from him so as to apply some of those wisdom to help attract more people to appreciate and support classical music.

My question is: can he also choose to bring his wife and child along to the deserted island so as to enjoy the simplicity of life there?


For your information, I am assuming that there is something special about this deserted island: Although it is deserted, some marvellous inventor has left behind machines and gadgets that help to cook food and run all the errands for all the guests on the island. There are also comfortable terrace houses on the island for its guests to rest on. It would be good if there was broadband connections there too.

I am not going to tag anyone, but if you like to attempt this meme, you may do so.


eastcoastlife said...

Oh PY,
Thanks for doing the MEME and also bringing me along! haha....

Emy said...

thanks for bringing me...

Unknown said...

thanks for including me. gulp! more pressure to do a post on this MEME.... ;)

Simple American said...

I got tagged by two people on this meme. I like your perspective on the whole thing though. :)